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Come to Finland launches a travel poster contest for Lake Saimaa:

My Finland Poster 2019

Do you love Finland – the land of the thousand lakes? Do you harbor an untamed creative streak? Do you want others to understand the charm of Finland and in particular the lake district of Saimaa?

In that case – pay close attention!

The theme this year is Lake Saimaa – the greatest fresh water lake in Finland. Saimaa is Finland’s most celebrated and photographed lake district. Check out LakeSaimaa for instant inspiration!

This is the third time Come to Finland Publishing arranges this contest. Check out the winner and the finalists for 2017 (theme: Finland) & 2018 (theme: Lapland) here!

The contest is open for illustrators, graphic designers and artists all around the world.

Please send your poster by Jan 6th, 2019. The winner receives 2000 € and an adventurous week long trip (from the winner's country of origin) to Lake Saimaa for two persons. The winner poster will also be published and branded by Come to Finland.

Why then a travel poster?

Because that’s where it all started. Creative travel posters tempted travelers from both near and far to visit Finland. The result - astonishingly beautiful works of art by Finnish artists, which continue to seduce us to this day.

For example, take a look at this immortal poster from the 1930’s.

Now we want to do it again. And we need your help.

Advice from the jury

• Your poster should have a clear and simple message. Remember the Finnish travel poster master Erik Bruun's importance advice: A poster should be distinct and understandable also when printed on a matchbox.

• You are a poster artist with a personal touch. Your poster should be visual and stylish - and maybe even humoristic?

• Recognition is important. Consider picturing people and faces.

• Love you letters! Use a thought-out typography.

• Remember: The picture is the main thing. If you want to include a slogan it should be short and to the point.

• Be authentic. If you include objects like animals, birds, boats, trees etc: make sure that they are objects you would actually encounter in the real Saimaa. So no polar bears, please.

• Summer and winter are given favorites. But we also love posters that call for adventure when the nature awakens in the spring, or when the colors come alive in the fall. Maybe it’s a night poster we need?

• Around Saimaa there are numerous summer cottages and saunas. People fish, row, paddle, drive motor boats, swim, enjoy the sauna, hike, pick berries and mushrooms, ski, and ride snowmobiles etc. And don't forget about the cities. Not to mention the fantastic steam boats. But remember: no poster can fit all this – so choose a clear and precise message.

• Most poster artists today use only drawing software on their computer. But feel free to work by hand or why not combine the two techniques?

• Unfortunately we don't accept photo posters or photomontages.

• In conclusion… Our most important tip is really this: Surprise us!

Visit our website (classic and new travel posters) for more inspiration.

Please also read the contest rules and terms!

Organized by Come to Finland Publishing Ab Oy in collaboration with:

LakeSaimaa, Grafia and the advertising agency SEK.