How you participate

Participate in the contest by sending us your poster contribution by file transfer (e.g. by wetransfer) to poster2018 (at)

Please notice that the file format of your poster has to be made according to the rules to be qualified.

Contest terms:

  • The size of the poster has to be 706 x 1006 mm. The poster shall be delivered as a ready-to-print pdf or tiff file (withouth crop marks) in the CMYK color profile FOGRA27. Resolution: 300 dpi. If chosen as one of the ten finalists the contestant also have to send in the same poster in the size 506 x 706 mm.
  • The poster has to be left unsigned, however with a possibility to be signed later. The poster should have a title. The title as well as the name of the artist should be included when the poster is sent to The names of the contestants will not be disclosed to the jury before the winners of the contest have been chosen.
  • The poster should be a graphic illustration or a collage. Photographs as such are not approved.
  • The poster should be an invite to come to Finnish Lapland and have a text that can be used in different languages or be multilingual. The slogan in the poster can be "Come to Lapland – Finland". Other slogans can, however, be used as well. The words ”Lapland” and ”Finland" must be used in the slogan or be visible on the poster.
  • The contestant is fully responsible for owning the copyright of his/her contribution to the contest. By participating he/she therefore confirms that the artwork does not in any way infringe on the copyright of anybody else, and the contestant thereby takes legal responsibility for the contribution.
  • All contributions must be delivered no later than January 4, 2018.
  • It is only possible to participate with one contribution per contestant.
  • Information about the contest is available in eight languages but any questions can only be answered in English, Finnish or Swedish. Please contact julius(at) if you have any inquiries.
  • All contestants must agree not to share or distribute in any way their contribution to the contest before March 1, 2018 when the results of the contest are published.
  • The winner, the runner-up and the honorary award recipients will be personally notified. The rest of the contestants are asked to check the information on our websites and
  • By entering the competition the contestant agrees to all the terms and conditions of the contest.


Here you can read all the terms and conditions for participating in the contest.

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